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Flock updated, for real this time

David Chartier

Last week we thought the Firefox-based Flock browser had updated their developer preview to 0.60, adding a slew of new and updated features. A TUAW reader noted a slight mix-up in the actual version that was available for download, and everyone was left scratching their head.

Over the weekend, I noticed that they actually have updated the developer preview - to version 0.5.11. While the version numbers are different, I'm pretty sure the added/updated features are still right on the money, and there's quite a few of them. As you can see in the release notes, new features include: Firefox-like auto-updating, a second online bookmark service, (which adds some neat ideas to the bookmark sharing paradigm), the ability to keep some bookmarks private, spell checking (c'mon, Firefox!), drag and drop Flickr uploading, better blogging and RSS engines, and much more.

Once again, while this is still a developer preview (which means it will act funny and crash from time to time), I highly recommend checking out Flock if you'd like to see what a "social web browser" is all about.

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