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Zelda: TP will be "special" on the Revolution

Despite the incessant back and forth, the unending rumor and rejection, it looks like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will feature "special" Revolution functionality! In an interview with EGM in the upcoming March issue, Reggie all but confirmed it saying, "The trick will be what makes it special to play on the Revolution, and to the extent that we could create something like that, boy, wouldn't that be fantastic?" It sure will Reggie. I mean would... it sure would.

We all anticipated this functionality when the info got leaked the first couple times. So now that the speculation regarding future Revolution controller compatibility is gone, it's time to speculate on what kind of functionality the game will have. I'll begin: Wind Waker-style music composing? The fishing minigame will rule! Swordplay FTW? Grappling hook? On second thought, not sure that one's gonna work.

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