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16% of US customers have at least two cellphones

Marc Perton

A new study has found that 16% of US cellphone users have at least two cellphones, something that probably comes as no surprise to anyone visiting this site. In most cases, one phone is used for personal calls, while a second is an employer-provided business phone. Up to 25% of companies that provide cellphones to employees have official policies limiting them to business use only, more or less guaranteeing that those customers end up carrying two phones. Other dual-phone customers cited by the study include those who can't bear to part with their number even after getting an employer-provided phone, and those whose travels straddle areas with spotty service on one service provider, and end up with a second phone from another company. The study apparently didn't ask people whether they ended up with multiple phones for the most obvious reason of all: they really want every available feature, including EV-DO, streaming video, a high-megapixel camera, a big display, QWERTY keyboard, stereo Bluetooth and plenty of room for music, and can't find all of them on one phone, so we, er, they, have to get more than one.

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