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Apple Legal Forces Shutdown

Damien Barrett

A group of Mac fans started collecting the various different Apple Keynote addresses into one place, It was developing into an interesting community site where people could watch or re-watch some of the Keynote addresses from the past. Were I a marketing or speech instructor, I'd have been pointing my students there to see fine examples of the art of the sale and exemplary delivery style.

Unfortunately, it is no more. This morning, the site shut down because they received a letter from Apple Legal. Presumably, republishing the Keynotes was violating Apple's copyright on them, but it's not clear from the notice.

I agree with both sides here. Apple has a right to protect their copyrighted material, including Keynote Addresses. But at the same time, Apple was not making these available for public perusal, and so a few people stepped up to do so in a non-profit, community-driven manner. Perhaps we can hope Apple will make the Keynotes available themselves.

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