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Engadget Podcast 070 - 02.21.06


Powerful week, everyone, powerful week: we got a chunk of Nintendo's own Reggie Fils-Aime's time, Bill Gates said it loud and proud that he's an Engadget reader, and we got some interesting information dribbled out from the Vista team about 8 forthcoming versions of the operating system, Access's switch over to ALP from Palm, Amazon's possible plans to start an online music store and MP3 player outlet, a very interesting Merrill Lynch report about the PlayStation 3, and possibly word from Sony Asia that they will be launching an Xbox Live competitor after all. And of course, we have listener voicemail, but for next week we have a special assignment for you: call us up with your worst gadget tech support horror stories! Keep it relatively brief, but we want to let it all out, and next week we'll be playing back some of the more egregious offenses the gadget industry has loosed upon some certain poor souls. Hit us up at 1-888-ENGADGET, or Engadget on Gizmo Project!

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

1:15:50, 34.7 MB, MP3

01:07 - Interview with Reggie Fils-Aime
07:15 - Bill Gates, Engadget Reader
10:24 - Eight different choices of Windows Vista
17:20 - Access Linux Platform
23:58 - Helio's KickFlip
24:51 - Helio's Hero
25:46 - PS3 Costing $800 to manufacture?
30:30 - Sony says "no change" to PlayStation3 launch date
31:48 - Sony HUB vs Xbox Live?
37:10 - Sony kills Walkman Bean
40:34 - Amazon rolling out music services and audio players
44:48 - RIAA says no reselling preloaded iPods
47:02 - Moviebeams is back, this time with hi-def
53:56 - Listener voicemail
73:07 - The week ahead


Call up the Podcast at: 1-888-ENGADGET, or Engadget (Gizmo Project)

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