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Go ahead: you spec out an HD WMCE

Kevin C. Tofel

This might only apply to the "hands-on" crowd, but I think even the non-DIY readers could benefit. We posted earlier today that PC Mag just built an HD WMCE box for a shade over two-grand and it's very easy to spend more or less depending on what features you're looking for.

HDBeat reader Buzzcut commented on that story: "I'd also be more interested in a story about the CHEAPEST HD MCE box possible. Can it be done for less than $800 with a HD tuner card and a reasonable hard drive (at least 250 GB)?"

To basically answer that question, we'd say yes. Our sub-grand machine does the trick for us and you should now find the same parts for less than we paid in December. Our total cost was around $950 back then, so $800 isn't a stretch, but we'll research that one for sure. While we do that, how about a little high-def homework?

Let's open up the comments for you to spec out an HD WMCE machine. If you want to go all out and spend several grand, that's up to you. If you want to tackle Buzzcut's requirements, that's fine too. Who's up for a little PC spec'ing?

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