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Nokia 7380 reviewed


The good folks over at MobileBurn have put Nokia's slender 7380 to the test, finding that like its predecessor, the 7280, it puts form above function -- which'll no doubt suit some people just fine. According to MobileBurn, the 7380 actually weighs more than Nokia claims, although at 90g (3.2oz), it's still pretty lightweight -- measurements come in at 118 x 30 x 20mm (4.6 x 1.2 x .8-inches). Despite the size, the 7380 still manages to pack a 2-megapixel digital camera, which appears best suited to taking pictures outdoors (like every CMOS cameraphone camera, right?), as well as MP3, AAC, and M4A playback, although the meager 52MB of internal memory cuts the fun right out of there. MobileBurn did find, however, that contrary to other reports, the 7280 has decent battery, but the biggest practical drawback seems to be the lack of a keypad, not to mention mediocore call audio.

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