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The Epic Grind


So, you've finally gotten to level 60.  Now what?  Well, there are some resources to guide you along, but whatever your direction, be prepared for a grind.  Rewards for gaining reputation with the game's factions can be high, but the process for getting them tends to involve the tedium of killing the same monsters or doing the same repeatable quest for days or weeks on end.  Collecting a new piece of powerful gear is always a thrill, but you may find yourself running through Upper Blackrock Spire a hundred times without winning a roll on the item you seek.  Even if you're in an end-game raiding guild, the game can be a grind - running through Molten Core again and again for the low chance of a specific item drop.  And I can certainly say that after defeating Ragnaros a few dozen times it becomes less of an epic struggle and more of an issue of "Drop my Choker of the Fire Lord already!"  Have you reached the point where the game is nothing but a grind yet, or do you still feel the magic?

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