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Spyder2 calibration series expands

Kevin C. Tofel

We saw Datacolor's Spyder calibration tool for high-def sets last year, but the $269 price tag was a bit much for some. Actually, that sounds kind of silly if you just spent thousands of clams on an HDTV and a few more bucks will keep that picture looking just right. Anyway, instead of calling anyone a cheapskate, we're happy to point out the Datacolor has spawned a new Spyder: the Spyder2express. Hey, it's only $89, so keep reading you tight-wads!

The new calibrator includes the creepy-crawly looking unit and software for CRT and LCD monitor calibration. Would we try to use it on a high-def display? Probably, but we're not sure if it would work as well as the original tool, plus we have arachnophobia. The new product isn't showing on the company's product page just yet; likely because the press release was just yesterday. You don't expect companies to actually sell the products they tout, now do you? While we wait, we'll just use our free calibration tool.

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