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Who's up for another video iPod "Spy pic?"


Ok, here we go. We all know how much you enjoy the parade of questionable "Apple spy pics," so here's one more to feed your insatiable appetite. MacShrine is claiming to have received the photo you see here from an anonymous tipster. Could it be the "real" video iPod we've been hearing about?

Now, the sticker on the... whatever side that is, bears the designation "M8719ZA." Do with that what you will. Also, you may remember the shots of the 5G iPod that were leaked a year ago just prior to that model's introduction turned out to be dead-on accurate. Supposedly, this image came from the same factory.

Now, we take this kind of thing with a grain, salt lick, mountain, gaping trench of salt, as any good cynic should. So, have at it: What are we looking at here?

Update: The serial number on the sticker appears to read “MB719ZA.” Thanks to everyone who pointed this out (my eyes aren't what they used to be). Can anyone translate the Chinese characters on the tape? Apparently, the Chinese loosely translates to "This side up." That was rather anti-climactic.

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