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Yakuza tale, Ryu Ga Gotoku, headed West

Sega's lauded Japanese Yakuza game Ryu Ga Gotoku ("Like a Dragon") is going to bring its distinct brand of gangster-infused street brawling to the US and Europe. Matt Woodley, Creative Director of SEGA Europe said:

"We feel that the street brawling gameplay in particular will impress everyone... Getting this spot on in games has proven hard for some developers in the past, but the
Yakuza team have pulled it off with great style. Add to that some of the most evocative locations seen in a game and we have a title SEGA are very excited to be releasing."

The title has been described as a badass Shenmue, with similarly memorable city environs and a darker, more violent storyline. The game will be renamed Yakuza for its summer 2006 release on PlayStation 2.

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