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Asus shows off W2Jc and leather-clad S6

Ryan Block, @ryan

We are tired, we are weary from all these laptops, we were thinking about one of Asus's new shiny laptops of leather: the S6 line. It's not going to be too much unlike every other laptop around (Core Duo processor, etc.) but hey, it's swathed in leather (which was apparently a feat requiring no less than 25 patents), man, and will sell for between £1400 - 1700 ($2450 - 3000 US). Asus was announced their new 17-inch W2Jc flagship laptop, featuring an aluminum chassis, subwoofer, DVB-T and analog TV tuners, 120GB drive, Dolby audio, and a rather unfortunate £1,999 ($3,495 US) price tag.

[Via ShinyShiny]

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