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Canon's SX6, SX60, S600 REALiS LCoS projectors

Kevin C. Tofel

Canon might not be helping Toshiba bring SED sets to market sooner, but they did just drop three new LCoS projectors in their REALiS line. The SX6, SX60 and S600 are named similarly, but they differ greatly in price at $6,999, $5, 999 and $3,999 repsectively. Starting at the top, the SX6 offers 1400x1050 res and a 1000:1 contrast at 3500 lumens. Sibling SX60 keeps the res, drops the lumens to 2500 but can show a 2000:1 contrast via a Home Cinema Mode. The baby of the REALiS line, the S600, is XGA only or 1024x768 with the 3500 lumen output at 1000:1 contrast.

The suggested retail prices seem a bit high for these specs, but they're not completely out the ballpark either. Each of these DVI-equipped projectors arrive in May sans HDMI interface.

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