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GPS Gaming

Blake Snow

Imagine using your GPS enabled phone to play a location game. For example, your mobile phone would direct you to a nearby retail store where another player is located with the "magic potion" that you're in need of. Slay him down and take the digital goods. In short, you'd be playing a virtual treasure hunt with real-life locations using GPS.

The March 2006 issue of Business 2.0 writes: "Inspired by a new FCC regulation requiring cell-phone companies to use GPS technology to report the locations of 911 callers... [Your World Games'] first title, The Shroud, is due this spring. To protect a farming village from enemies, players visit specific spots all over the United States (and race against other players)."

The more mobile our society becomes, the more games like the above could catch on. Would you be interested in a GPS enabled adventure?

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