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LCoS display technology shootout by ExtremeTech


ExtremeTech just completed their exhaustive four-part series examining LCoS Display Technology which is just starting to make inroads into the high-definition TV marketplace. The series ends with an excellent comparison of LCoS against CRT, LCD, plasma, and DLP display technologies. Ok, it's no surprise to find LCoS offering the highest resolutions and non-CRT contrast ratios while providing the best flicker and artifact-free images of any display technology. Still it's good to get it all side-by-side which might help in that next trip down the A/V aisle. Sure, 4 of the 5 units reviewed were prototypes so it's best to think of the series as a tech review, not a buyers guide, mkay? But just in case you were wondering, the winner of the five display shootout was that monster JVC Professional 1080 priced at uh, $45,000 dollars. Kind of hurts don't it?

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