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MacBook Pro Complete Disassembly guide


Have you received your MacBook Pro? Are you saddened by OWC's lack of instructions on how to rip apart said new machine? Don't be sad, rejoice, for iFixit (the site formerly known as PBFixit) has released a screw-by-screw guide to Performing Complete Disassembly of a MacBook Pro.

Each page of this guide to MacBook Pro destruction has pithy commentary on hardware you may find inside your new lappy using only iFixit's guide, a #0 Phillips screwdriver, a T6 Torx screwdriver and um, a Spudger.

If this bare-circuit-board guide doesn't knock your mad scientist socks off, frankly, I really don't know what will.

[via Slashdot] [pictured to the right is the MacBook Pro's nekid logic board via iFixit's guide]

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