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NBC in HD returns to Rock Hill

Kevin C. Tofel

It was with deep regret that we reported the inability of Comporium cable and WCNC to work out a DTV rebroadcast agreement before the Winter Olympics. Even more important to the Charlotte area was the Daytona 500, but they missed that too. Thankfully, the Olympics aren't over yet, so Rock Hillians can rejoice in South Carolina because NBC is back in high-def on cable channel 306! Comporium and WCNC negotiated on an almost daily basis to come to terms, which were not disclosed.

We're thrilled for the residents that have their NBC in high-def over cable, but it's still concerning how cable operators and broadcast affiliates could disagree on rebroadcast terms only to have consumers suffer in the long run. Anyway, welcome back to the high-def party!

(Thanks for the tip Chris!)

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