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PictSync group to standardize photo sharing

Marc Perton

Just when you thought the imaging industry couldn't roll out another alliance prior to next week's PMA conference, we've just gotten wind that a group of them have banded together as the PictSync Consortium, with the goal of creating standards to share photos and metadata among different devices. If it sounds like PictSync has a bit of overlap with two other recently unveiled groups, ImageLink and EverPlay -- which are working on, respectively, image sharing and metadata -- it should come as no surprise that the prime mover behind those two groups, Kodak, isn't a member of the PictSync group. Given those kinds of rivalries, we assume none of these consortia will actually develop anything really useful for consumers, and will just print lots of shiny holographic stickers with logos on them that they'll apply to retail boxes of cameras, printers and audio players.

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