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RIM judge doesn't order shutdown, mulls final decision

Marc Perton

The latest word out of Judge James Spencer's courtroom is that the judge has adjourned the hearing without issuing an injunction against RIM, but has said he'll rule later on whether or not to shut down the company's BlackBerry service. The judge also criticized both RIM and rival NTP for not settling the case sooner, leading to speculation that a speedy settlement would convince the judge to make today's decision final. Earler, NTP asked the judge to award the company $126 million in damages -- regardless of how he decides the patent dispute with RIM. A lawyer for NTP was also quoted as telling Judge Spencer that rumors of doom and destruction that would follow in the wake of a BlackBerry shutdown are a little overblown: "The world will not come to an end if Your Honor enjoins their improper conduct," James Wallace said. Meanwhile, word is out that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a final rejection of another NTP patent, following the first such rejection, which occurred earlier this week.

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