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Rumor: New PSP to get a built-in camera and 4GB of flash

Dan Choi

According to PSPworld, "[t]he next version of Sony's PSP will sport an integrated digital video camera that will allow users to stream live video to the PlayStation 3" as a Wi-Fi way of chatting with friends.

The new model (which obviously won't go by the nickname "PSpee") will come in black, silver, and white, and it will also have a quarter of an inch shaved off its thickness. 4GB of NAND flash storage will reputedly be included as well, saving gamers a whole lot of money on memory sticks for media and other applications--playing with homebrew, for instance.

Word of an integrated camera may be the most interesting news, however, with a stock camera used in Sony Ericsson phones to be placed directly in the PSP logo below the portable's screen to take photos and record video. All of the video-streaming capabilities are supposed to be tied in to the rumored PlayStation HUB service, bringing one more media expression to Sony's next-gen convergence device (if this rumors pans out, of course).

[Thanks, TIP; also via Engadget & PSP Fanboy]

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