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Samsung Digimax L60, L85 cams feature HDMI

Kevin C. Tofel

Looking to apply HDCP to your personal photos? Samsung says not a problem by intro'ing two digital shooters with HDMI interfaces. The L60 is a 6-megapixel cam, while the upscale L85 is good for 8-MPs; just perfect for viewing photos on a QuadHDTV in their native res.

Normally we wouldn't cover digital cameras, but we wanted to emphasize these for the HDMI connectivity to illustrate how this interface is clearly key in the digital video space. Oh and we were just joshin' ya on the HDCP aspect; there's no mention of HDCP by Samsung. (Hmm....but is it lurking there in the interface anyway?)

At this point, do you see HDMI on a camera to be overkill or could you find uses to tie your camera to a high-def DVR or TV?

[via Engadget]

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