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HD-DVD and Blu-ray get screwed

Adams Briscoe

Imagine this: after months (and months) of waiting, you bring your brand new PlayStation 3 to its new homestead where it will live out its next-gen life in blissful happiness with your rockin' HDTV. After getting it prepped and ready to go, you fire it up only to see a forlorn warning message followed by blackness. The problem is that your not-so-rockin' HD setup isn't good enough.

In what IGN has dubbed "the greatest disservice to the general consumer market," HD-DVD and Blu-ray makers have broadcasted that unless your HDTV has a certain input called HDMI, you could be left with the aforementioned situation or even a sub-720p resolution display of the content. You can thank Hollywood for this since many studios out there had a hand in the Advanced Access Content System which backs this technology.

The gist of the story is simple. Even if you were an early adopter and invested in an HD setup, more than likely the TV uses component video and you're crap out of luck. How this will affect the PS3 is still a little unclear, but we know that Blu-ray is one of the biggest (and most expensive) elements of their next-generation console. Stay tuned-

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