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Increase the pause buffer on your WMCE

Kevin C. Tofel

My bad! I said in this week's podcast that I found a way to change the pre-and post-record settings on a WMCE machine so you don't miss any of your favorite HD shows that run overtime. I goofed, but only a little. Now that I'm reviewing what I was gossiping about, I see it's really a method to increase the pause buffer. The standard pause is 30 minutes, but you can boost it all the way up to two hours with a sweet GUI-app that mods the registry entries thanks to TGB member, isomies. Our read link takes to you The Green Button forums, but if you want to skip all of the hoo-ha, you can download the application here. It certainly comes in handy for those high-def recordings when the phone rings and you get stuck with a long-winded telemarketer; just watch out for that disk space.

[via Chris Lanier]

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