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Japanese hardware sales: Short-lived shortages


The Japanese hardware sales chart for the week ranging from 13 February to 19 February has just arrived at our door, soaking wet and reeking of rotten fish. Despite this, we're still inviting it inside so that we may study its findings and share them with you, our dear readers.

The ranking, according to number of units sold, is as follows:

  • DS: 52,099
  • PSP: 27,430
  • PS2: 23,433
  • GBA SP: 5,553
  • GB Micro: 2,941
  • Gamecube: 1,814
  • Xbox 360: 1,314
  • GBA: 105
  • Xbox: 92
As you can see, the great DS shortages that were bothering the poor Japanese populace the last few weeks has been somewhat quelled. Nintendo's magical machine is back on top--but for how long? We expect the numbers to start dropping as of next week, what with the impending release of the smaller, brighter and lighter DS. Just how many people will be able to restrain themselves from purchasing the original model mere days before the launch of the new one?

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