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New Gears of War screens, for real this time

Last time we saw screenshots from Gears of War--the 360's most anticipated title (remember: Halo 3 doesn't even exist!)--Epic was quick to kill our buzz saying the shots "don't come anywhere close to representing what the game looks like today."

360Monster has our fix: 25 shiny new shots of Gears of War; let's see Epic shoot these down! With playable demos being spotted in the wild, we expect to be able to get our hands on GoW come E3... maybe even some XBLM demo action. Come on Epic, we'll be gentle.

[Thanks, Russ]

UPDATE: The first 25 shots in 360Monster's gallery aren't actually new (they're taken from the X05 trailer), though the following two in the series are. Check out the high-res versions at Xboxic.

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