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Yahoo! ZoneTag 2-click-uploads location-tagged photos to Flickr

Evan Blass

Yahoo! has just rolled out a new application for Nokia Series 60 handset owners that allows them to not only 2-click upload their cameraphone photos to Flickr, but actually tag them with general location data for personal reference and providing viewers with context. The ZoneTag app is a free download that runs in the background when your phone is in "camera" mode, and offers to location-stamp and upload each photo upon capture, gathering the spatial info based on either coordinates from a Bluetooth-paired GPS device or more commonly the unique ID from the cell tower that handled the data transfer. Yahoo! has built an evolving database that relies on users manually tagging their stamped-photos with ZIP codes or GPS coordinates to provide a correlation between tower IDs and real-world locations, so the service will get more accurate over time. Privacy controls ensure that only those people whom you specify can view your photos, and only those shots that you approve are location-stamped, so you can simply use the service for MMS-less pic-sharing if that's your thing.

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