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TiVo to try giving away boxes ... again

Marc Perton

We can forgive TiVo CEO Tom Rogers for acting like the concept of offering a tier of service in which the company gives away its boxes to customers who pay a slightly higher monthly fee is a new idea. After all, he hasn't been CEO that long. So, when Rogers announced recently that the company would start a test of a no-upfront-fee plan "fairly soon," he couldn't possibly have known that the company actually did start offering such a plan back in November of last year, and that links from the plan's web page still function, allowing customers to sign up for TiVo for $16.95 per month with no money down. Wait a minute. You say Rogers became CEO last July, and, therefore, was already with the company when the free deal was announced last November? Hmm. Maybe he was just out that day. Either that or he just hit the wrong button and skipped over it.

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