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Apple's Intel Mac minis: Core Duo at 1.67GHz, Core Solo at 1.5GHz

Marc Perton

It should come as no surprise that the first thing Apple announced at today's event was a revamped Mac mini. And while the updated diminutive computer may not be the Mac media center many had hoped for, it does have Apple's Front Row media management software, and comes in both Core Solo and Core Duo versions, which Apple says makes the machine anywhere from 2.5 to 5.5 times faster than the G4 version. Although the machine has the familiar mini form factor, new additions include an IR port for the Apple Remote, two more USB 2.0 ports (for a total of four), SPDIF, Gigabit Ethernet, standard Bluetooth and WiFi. The new mini also comes with an updated version of Front Row with Apple's Bonjour networking technology, which allows sharing and streaming of media, including audio, video and photos, among all Macs on a local network. The Core Solo version, at 1.5GHz, and including a CD burner, 512MB RAM and a 60GB drive, is $599; the Core Duo at 1.67GHz includes an 80GB drive and a dual-layer DVD burner, and sells for $799. Both models are available immediately.

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