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BioBouncer facial recognition system for bars, clubs

Evan Blass

While we're aware of the occasional incident "in da club" featuring a firearm-bearing-celebrity, we've been blissfully ignorant of the fact that clubbing these days has apparently gotten so dangerous that a market has sprung up for nightlife-specific biometric security solutions. Well Wired is reporting that besides the fingerprint recognition system that a company called Food Service Solutions is pitching to alcohol retailers, an even more ambitious facial recognition system is about to be deployed in U.S. bars and clubs by a 24-year-old entrepreneur named Jeff Dussich. Dussich's company, JAD Communications and Security, is promoting its BioBouncer package as a way for communities to identify habitual troublemakers by using a Vegas-like database of blacklisted individuals that is shared among local establishments. BioBouncer costs $7,500 for the initial hardware, software, and setup, and $6000 per year for support, which presumably means access to the networked "rogue's gallery." Not surprisingly, privacy groups such as the EFF are opposed to BioBouncer and similar systems,citing both their questionable accuracy and potential for misuse.

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