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Games that pushed the limits, parts 2 and 3

Racketboy has returned, as promised, with the second and third installments of his look at games that pushed the limits. We're not talking about games that pushed the limits of decency, like Sega's Night Trap, or the limits of human patience, like any version of last year's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but pushed the technical limits of their respective platforms.

The platforms in part two are (arguably) the redheaded stepchildren of console gaming. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're not considered to be successes. Atari's Jaguar (and the super-popular Jaguar CD add-on), the ill-fated 3DO, Sega's x-citing 32X add-on, and Sega's "sneak-attack" Saturn. Part three includes big boys like Sony's party-crashing PlayStation, the cartridge'd Nintendo 64, and the Dreamcast, the console that history has--and will--remember kindly.

Part four will cover portable gaming and--based on the release schedule of the earlier installments--should be up any day now.

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