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Hands on: Metroid Prime Hunters


So anxious for the impending release of Metroid Prime Hunters that you're on the verge of a mental breakdown? Of course you are. Intent on devouring every last bit of information about the game that spews forth from the dark recesses of the Internet? Yes, that's you alright. Want to check out the IGN forums and discover a hands-on report, brimming with both major and minor details? Obviously, you do. Getting annoyed by this terrible question-answer approach to what should have been a simple introductory paragraph? Most definitely.

One of the IGN staffers posted some of his early experiences with the game and we have to admit--there's plenty of information to glean here. The game's scan-happy single-player section is supposedly looking superb, a revelation that is sure to put many Prime fans at ease. Well, at least until they get to this part: "And that's exactly what Hunters is: a FPS. None of this First-person 'adventure' crap." Hmm.

Other highlights include:

  • Samus starts the adventure with all her equipment intact.
  • Overall playtime of the single-player portion is just under the Gamecube's Metroid Prime.
  • The game has a "Rival Radar" mode which tracks a rival's stats on the web. It works a bit like Nintendog's "bark" mode.
  • 19 multiplayer arenas are present in the tested version.
  • Each player gets a "Hunter's License". Penalties will be incurred on that following a forced disconnection.
  • In order to initiate voice chat, the X button must be held down.
It's almost here.

[Thanks, dwarpdesign!]
[Update: Corrected "a" typing error.]

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