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Sony sells Metreon to mall developer and real estate co.

Dan Choi

Sony has sold the Metreon in San Francisco to shopping mall developer the Westfield Group and real estate company Forest City Enterprises.

The Sony Style Store and the PlayStation store will continue on as tenants in the 300,000-square-foot restaurant-theater complex, but the fate of the Walk of Game in the transaction has not yet been confirmed.

Despite the closing of several major exhibits and tenants (including an anchor Microsoft store in 2001), a Sony spokeswoman "said the company pulled out as Metreon's original owner upon reviewing its corporate strategy and deciding to focus it on electronics, entertainment and games." While the Metreon attracted an average 6 million visitors a year, attributed the pullback to the wrong demographic frequenting the building: teenagers flocked to the 15-screen theater and "pinball arcade," while affluent museum-goers were intimidated by the young'uns and stayed away. Arcades and multiplexes do go together....

[Via GameSpot]

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