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Bully On Blogging

Ken Weeks

Before we delve deeper into the minutia of our favorite console, I feel like I should introduce myself to everyone. I'm Ken, the newest contributor here at Xbox 360 Fanboy. A little about me and my old-fashioned Xbox.  I'm just shy of 30, employed in the online newspaper business, and newly married to a girl who thinks video games are "over-priced crap"  but that hardwood floors are a good investment. Go figure. I live in Delaware, which means I enjoy tax-free shopping and a better-than-average chance of dying of cancer. Besides modding Xboxes, my hobbies include writing, right-wing politics, pumping iron and small fluffy dogs. Anyone who's interested can check out my personal blog (currently on hiatus) for additional snarking.

And just to clear up any confusion, I'm not the giant meathead Ken Weeks who used to beat up Chris Grant back in highschool and bang his head against the lockers. That was an unrelated, meaner, marginally less intelligent Ken who apparently had a football number shaved in the side of his head (not to say I wouldn't have beat him up had I known him). This Ken would like to thank Chris and the Joystiq guys for extending the invitation to join this blog. As long as the lunch money keeps flowing we shouldn't have any problems.

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