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Is Microsoft's Origami ready to take wing?

Marc Perton

With just a few hours to go before Microsoft opens the kimono on its mysterious Origami Project, we thought it would be helpful to summarize a little of what we know and don't know about the project. We know that Origami is likely to be a handheld, wireless device, based in part on claims by Microsoft execs (along with hints dropped by Robert Scoble) that the company was working on just such a project, and on the year-old video that surfaced on the site of a company with known links to Microsoft (which was later confirmed by Microsoft as authentic -- and old). We've also seen other pics of similar conceptual products from Microsoft, though we don't know whether or not these are related to Origami. And that's about it. Sure, we have our own thoughts about what Origami may be -- we still think it's more likely to be a reference model than an actual hardware product. But that, along with everything else we've seen and heard, is simply speculation. Oh, actually, there is one other thing we can confirm: we know for sure that Origami -- whatever it is -- will come with a speaker system and leather case, though both will be overpriced and optional.

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