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Olive Opus: 400GB, lossless audio, $3,000

Marc Perton

If you want audiophile sound quality but still want all your music stored on a hard drive instead of shiny little discs, you have a few options. You could pick up an iPod and matching iPod Hi-Fi. (Well, probably not. But Steve did say he was an audiophile, didn't he?) Or you could spring for an Olive Opus, a $3,000 CD player with a built-in 400GB hard drive, four 24-bit DACs and built-in Ethernet and WiFi for streaming (Olive's earlier players, the Symphony and Musica, had smaller hard drives). According to Olive, the Opus uses 8X oversampling and a 352.8 kHz sample rate to produce true lossless audio with no noise. The Opus can also burn CDs from your music, and Olive will even rip all of your CDs for you. And, yes, Steve, you can transfer music from the Opus to an iPod.

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