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Apple buys data center for ~$50 million

Jan Kabili

With all the hub-bub about the fabled special event, we just got around to posting the news that Apple recently bought a giant data center in Newark, California for an estimated $45 to $50 million dollars. This 107,000 foot center was originally intended for MCI Worldcom back in 2001, but was never occupied. The report of the sale in the San Jose Business Journal indicates that the facility is "impressively equipped," and that  data centers like this usually house "computing, data-storage and networking equipment assisting in Web-based services and transactions. The most elaborate 'Tier IV' centers, such as the Newark facility, have the highest levels of redundancy and security. . ."

Far be it for me to show any interest in rumors. (I can be as stoic as Scott.) But if you're interested, the rumor sites are speculating about what Apple plans to do with this juicy acquisition. . . .

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