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DIY Vista HTPC with CableCARD might be possible yet

Kevin C. Tofel

There were several groans when we heard the CableCARD 2.0 certification fees for Windows Vista; that cert effectively put a nail into the DIY crowd's coffin. Perhaps a conceptually simple but slick workaround could do the trick, thanks to eHomeUpgrade. The thought here is, why not get a barebones or base certified system with the minimum specs, then hack it pieces and add the high-powered horsepower and hardware on your own. It's a small consolation at best, but it might get folks to have that terabyte of storage, triple-tuners, a QuadHD GPU or whatever else you can dream of. The one issue that jumps to mind is how Vista will handle hardware additions. Last year, we mentioned that Vista itself could limit or restrict hardware changes.

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