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i-mate pushes AKU2 out the door

Ryan Block, @ryan

We haven't heard of many manufacturers pushing out Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2 as of yet (actually none, off the top of our head), but i-mate's officially got you covered if you're a K-JAM (Wizard) user, and from what we can tell, if you're a JASJAR (HTC Universal) user as well. (We can't confirm the JASJAR because in order to download the AKU2 ROM update for that device you need to have a JASJAR IMEI registered through i-mate's site). As you may recall, AKU2 (aka Windows Mobile 5.0 service pack 2, MSFP, etc.), enables a number of hot features on your WinMo phone, including push email, (supposedly) A2DP stereo Bluetooth audio support, directory contact browsing, and the like. So if you've got a friend who'll send you the file and you've unlocked your Wizard and CID so you can flash an i-mate ROM, right this moment you can get yourself going with AKU2 on your device, K-JAM or not.

Update: we gave it a run and it definitely updates -- we're still rummaging around for a pair of Bluetooth headphones to see whether AKU2 does in fact support A2DP though, so we'll have to keep you posted.

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