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Origami refolded: here's what we know

Marc Perton

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We've learned a little more about Microsoft's Origami Project, and as always, we're here to share. After this morning's HTML source confirmation that Origami will indeed be a "Mobile PC running Windows XP," we have one more detail to add: our sources confirm that Origami will run XP Tablet PC Edition. A minor distinction, perhaps. But let's not forget that it wasn't very long ago that Microsoft refused to grant Tablet licenses to PC makers whose boxes had specs not dissimilar to those rumored to be planned for Origami. What else have we learned? Well, we don't mean to disappoint those of you who've become enamored of the box you've been peeping in the Origami video, but according to our sources, the actual device will look more like the basic black box that Microsoft showed off at WinHEC last year (pictured above). We don't necessarily consider that a bad thing, though we will be curious to see how well we can work with a machine with virtually no hardware controls. One thing is certain: we'd better carry around a supply of tissues to wipe off all the fingerprints. Maybe the first Origami accessory should a swanky leather carrying case for us to put them in.

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