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HDBeat Podcast 003 - 03.03.06

Kevin C. Tofel
Plenty of HD news to cover this week, such as the HD impact of the new Mac mini, new VOD and DVD hardware and FiOS gaining traction. We also wonder if pre-packaged high-definition content is really missing its window of opportunity since broadband content continues to expand. We also differ on who the winner will be on the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray battle, so download, tune in and listen to see who's on which side!

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Ben Drawbaugh and Kevin C. Tofel

Ben Drawbaugh

43:55, 20.1 MB, MP3


MacBook Pro: ultimate portable HD machine!
The Intel Mac mini is perfect for HDTV
Buffalo HD VOD box; the beginning of a trend?
FiOS now available in parts of California
Add Virginia to the list of FIOS states
Samsung DVD-HD950 review
UHD and Comcast was temporary
1080i vs. 480p HDTV smackdown on Lord of the Rings
Blu-Ray to launch on May 23, 2006
Lionsgate announces 10 more Blu-Ray titles
Mike Evangelist changes HD boycott to AACS DRM only
SkyHD plans SMS remote recording service
Akihabara reviews the Sanyo HD1
Sony to increase European LCD marketshare by 20%
Sharp pumping up LCD production by 20%


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