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LCD vs Plasma rages on

Ben Drawbaugh

The LCD vs Plasma battle is nothing new, but in the past two years it has just started to get interesting. A few years ago when someone would ask me which one I thought was better my response was "It depends, do you want a TV bigger or smaller than 40 inches?" It amazed me that so many people didn't realize that for some time the smallest plasma and the largest LCD were both 37 inches.

Sharp changed all that last year with the release of their 45 inch LCD and now many manufacturers are or soon will be selling LCDs up to 65 inches. The last major hurdle to overcome in order to level the playing field is price.The first large Sharp LCDs were considerably more than plasmas, but that has recently changed. The cost difference is usually less than $1,000 now compared to over $3,000 just one year ago.

As a result the battle is officially on!

Now that size and price are finally comparable which is better? Plasmas have stellar black levels and smooth motion, but LCDs don't suffer from burn in and are believed to last longer. Sony seems to be on the LCD train while LG, Pioneer and Panasonic continue to lead the way in plasmas.

Which will be around in 5 years or will both be replaced by something else like OLED or SED?

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