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Player Statistics and What They Mean


It can be difficult to determine the best gear for your character - especially when you may not understand what all the modifiers on it mean.  Spirit?  Agility?  Strength?  Which is more important depends heavily on your class and the role you're trying to play (druids, for example, can heal, do magic DPS, or do physical DPS - in cat or bear form - and different stats are important for each role).  While there are few official numbers regarding what equals what, the player community has done a lot of research and speculation, giving us a pretty good idea as to what each means.  (However, there may still be some inaccuracies - and if you think you see one, let me us know!)  Read on for more detailed information.



  • Increases melee attack power
    • 2AP per point for warriors, paladins, druids (all forms), and shamans
    • 1AP per point for rogues and hunters
  • Increases the amount of damage blocked by a shield (for classes that can use shields)

  • Increases ranged attack power
    • 2AP for hunters
  • Increases melee attack power
    • 1AP per point for rogues and cat form druids
  • Increases armor
    • 2 armor per point for all classes
  • Increases ranged/melee critical strike chance
    • The amount of agility needed varies for each class, ranging from 53 for hunters to 20 for warriors.
  • Increases your chance to dodge
    • Again, the needed amount of agility varies per class.  Rogues get the most dodge benefit from agility.

  • Increases your health
    • 10 health per point for all classes

  • Increases the rate at which you learn skills (weapon skills, trade skills, etc)
  • Increases your mana
    • 15 mana per point for all classes with mana
  • Increases spell critical strike chance
    • While the assumed formula has always been 100 intellect per spell crit, recent posts by Tseric suggest that this is not the case, providing a number of 59.6 int per crit for mages.

  • Increases health regeneration
    • Only works outside of combat
    • Exact formula unknown (though seems to be different for each class)
  • Increases mana regeneration
    • Spirit/4 13 for priests
    • Spirit/4 11 for mages, hunters
    • Spirit/4 8 for warlocks, paladins
    • Spirit/5 17 for shamans
    • Spirit/5 15 for druids
    • Mana will regenerate at any time (in or out of combat) when you're outside of the "5 second rule" - meaning you regenerate only if you have not cast a spell in the past 5 seconds.  (This is timed from the end of the last spell cast.)

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