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Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple Remote

Scott McNulty

Here's a tip for  all you folks out there that have a Front Row enabled Mac (and I mean one that Apple recognizes as having Front Row on it, sorry hackers). Let's say you're curled up on your bed watching a DVD on your iMac via Front Row. The movie ends and you want to go to sleep. You have to get up and put your Mac to sleep, so that the bright screen doesn't keep you up, right?

Wrong. You can put your Mac to sleep using the included Apple Remote Control. Simply hold down the Play button for a few seconds and the screen will dim an show you the icon pictured in this post (which has been edited for size). The snoring Apple Remote Control icon lets you know that your Mac is about to go to sleep. Keep on pressing the play button if you want this to happen, or release it if you want your Mac to stay awake.

Nifty, huh?

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