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Rockstar unveils exclusive Xbox 360 title... Table Tennis?


IGN promised to deliver the news, and here it is. In a surprising move, Rockstar has decided to put down the guns and pick up the paddles. Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis, anyone?

Under development by Rockstar San Diego, this exclusive Xbox 360 title is certainly a departure from the studio norm. But Rockstar's Sam Houser contends, "we absolutely love table tennis and wanted to try and make something that could show the audience what could be possible... in the next generation of videogames." Is he for real?

Apparently, Rockstar believes it can create a next-gen Pong with the "intensity of a fighting game and the sense of speed and control that would make playing it a more intense and more visceral experience than has previously been possible with sports games." Rockstar suggests that table tennis is the perfect medium to showcase this new model of gameplay, which would feature blazing speed coupled with unprecedented control. Wow, this is really... well, shocking. Leave it to Rockstar to flip the game up...

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