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Valkyrie Profile & Xenosaga dates in Japan released

Dan Choi

1UP's got a few Japanese release dates ready for Xenosaga III and Tri-Ace's Valkyrie Profile games.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (the PSP remake of the original VP) actually came out in Japan the other day, while Silmeria (the all-new PS2 prequel to Lenneth) is set for release on June 22nd.

Xenosaga III, meanwhile, makes its debut (and closes out at least the current-gen storyline) on July 6th. We're not sure about the release dates of these titles outside of Japan, but 1UP currently lists US dates as 8/1/2006 for 'saga, 9/15/2006 for Lenneth, and 9/20/2006 for Silmeria. Without official announcements, however, they're just good guesses.

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