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White Lake gold and diamond USB thumbdrive

Evan Blass

Filed under: "Products Designed to Test Your Willingness to Throw Money Away." This certainly isn't the first precious-metal-infused, diamond-encrusted gadget that we've seen, nor is it even the first iced n' gilded USB drive to pass through these pages, but when Luxist deems a product worthy of mention, well, we sit up and take note. The White Lake gold and diamond USB stick is a 14k or 18k gold storage device, available with or without diamonds, designed by Dutch goldsmith Erwin de Vroome. No word on storage capacities here, but when you're in the market for a $3500 vanity jump drive, we imagine that specs like memory, read/write speed, and U3-ability don't really factor into your purchasing decision all that much.

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