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Joe Belfiore interview on WMCE - Engadget

Kevin C. Tofel

In case you missed it, Engadget ran a great interview with Joe Belfiore on all things WMCE, Vista, HD-DVD and more on Thursday evening. Stephen Speicher got a chance to chat with Joe and the first part of the interview provides the Microsoft insight into topics we've been bantering around as late. Joe provides clarification as well as rationalization on the costly CableCARD certification process for both large and small OEMs. Microsoft's dealings with the satellite television industry get some attention, which is good news for you DIRECTV subscribers. If you were looking for Microsoft's involvement and reasons for Managed Copy (required in HD-DVD, but optional in Blu-Ray), that's in there too. All in all a great first part to the interview with something for everyone interested in high-def.

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