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Academy Awards: HD or SD?

Kevin C. Tofel

So our usual sources are indicating that the 78th Annual Academy Awards are not in HDTV, but several of you are indicating that they are. What gives? We typically check TitanTV and even double-check on the network's own website; at this point, we don't see the show in high-def, but we're hoping that they are. ABC's own program schedule (shown above) does not show the telecast in HD, but we'll double-check at 8:00 on the nose. While we're checking, would you do us a favor and do the same? Check back in here and tell us if your local provider is showing the Oscars in HD and be sure to let us know roughly where you are as well. We didn't believe that ABC would muck this up with an SD broadcast, but  we can only go by what we see. Thanks to everyone who wrote in on this. If you've got time, be sure to check out the live-blog coverage over at Cinematical; they're covering the whole show regardless of the res!

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