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BenQ Siemens Hermes B is now the E61

Evan Blass

More details (but not many) have emerged about the BenQ Siemens Hermes B musicphone that we saw last month, including the fact that it's shed its mythological moniker in favor of the shorter and snappier E61 (no relation to the "Nokiaberry" of the same name). The E61 will sport a rather ho-hum VGA camera (seriously, what's the point?) and miniSD slot, but a rather innovative set of media controls that sit on the top of the handset, allowing for easy in-pocket operation. Sorry, that's all we got for you- but we have a feeling that you probably ended up here accidentally while searching for the much-hotter Nokia model anyway, so no biggie.

[Via Slashphone and Phone Arena]

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