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iPod Hi-Fi Getting Positive Reviews

Damien Barrett

It's been almost a week since the iPod Hi-Fi was released and the reviews have started to roll in. Playlist Magazine's extensive review gives it a four out of five rating and calls the iPod Hi-Fi an "attractive option for people looking for good, room-filling sound in a compact package".

AppleTalk Australia's review includes some nice unboxing pictures and calls the iPod Hi-Fi the "best iPod speaker set on the market right now."

PC Magazine
gives the iPod Hi-Fi a 4.5 out of 5 rating, calls it a "winner" and a "compact powerhouse that charges your iPod while it pumps out pristine audio."

Like many, my initial reaction to the iPod Hi-Fi was...meh, but I believe that was mostly because I personally don't like the aesthetics of the product or have much a need for for it. However, I'm definitely willing to allow my opinion to be changed. These reviews have all been overwhelming positive, so I'm rethinking my impression of the iPod Hi-Fi even if I doubt I'll ever buy one.

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